North Korean Keys to Revival now available

Republished under an updated title, the book formerly known as “Pyongyang Revival, Will the Holy Spirit visit again?” is now available on Amazon once again. My thanks to designer You-Young Kim for designing the new cover, which is a wonderful upgrade from the self-designed cover on the earlier edition. The content still transports you back to the room where a confession of sin brought an outpouring of power that left hundreds of men outstretched on the floor face-to-face with God almighty. Would love to have you read it and then let me know what you think. It’s free on Kindle unlimited if you’re inclined in that way, otherwise, it is widely available for under $10 – my effort to make sure the price doesn’t keep anyone from being inspired to join me in praying for such a revival to come again in our day and time.

Pick up your copy on Amazon here: North Korean Keys to Revival

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