Lessons from the Jerusalem of the East

…perhaps there has been no greater demonstration of Divine power since the Apostles’ days” – Korean Mission Field report, March, 1907

Researching this revival started as a personal project. After visiting Seoul, Korea, I began wondering how this Asian city came to have so many church buildings and such an evangelical flavor.

My research led me back to the first evangelical missionaries to successfully bring the gospel to what had previously been a closed nation, sometimes known as the “hermit kingdom.” It wasn’t long before I then discovered the revival, now known as the “Pyongyang Revival,” which occurred in early 1907.

Though my wife is Korean, my language skills are still lacking in that department. However, the western missionaries in Korea were documenting their personal experiences as they happened, and sent home a wealth of books, reports and letters in English. With the wonders of modern technology, many such resources have now been made digitally available and I began to sort through and read volumes of information. As I read, I copied the best sections to share with family and friends. After digesting multiple sources, my list of first-hand accounts to share began to get quite lengthy, and I began to prayerfully consider turning my personal research project into a book. Months of reading and writing later, and this book was born.

My prayer is the book is an encouragement for Christians to realize the power of God has been poured out in the past and could be poured out again. As we get closer to the day of His second coming, perhaps our Lord would have mercy to pour out the Spirit in one last great awakening before His final return.

If you would like further backstory see my post on the Khassia Hills revival, which is referenced in passing by the Korean missionaries: